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Toxic Chemicals Found in Memory Foam Mattresses

Everything that surrounds us presents a danger to our health, more or less. Unfortunately, not even the memory foam mattresses that we sleep on aren’t any better. The toxic chemicals that a lot of them contain present a great danger to our health. If you want to learn more on this matter, read the following lines.

Toxic chemicals of concern

A lot of memory foam mattresses contain toxic chemicals that lead to health deterioration. Among the toxic chemicals found in memory foam mattresses that present a potential danger to your health are methylene dianiline, methyl benzene, acetone, dimethylformamide, vinylidene chloride, and methylene chloride. Besides being a suspected carcinogen, methylene dianiline is an eye and skin irritant, it causes indigestion, and even liver and thyroid damage. The inhalation of methyl benzene can affect the nervous system. When inhaled in large amounts, acetone is extremely toxic. Dimethylformamide causes organ damage, and it’s seen as a potential carcinogen. Vinylidene chloride causes eye and respiratory irritation, and it causes organ damage as well. Also, methylene chloride is a potential carcinogen that will irritate your mucous membrane.

Risks of off-gassing

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, are associated with throat irritation, dizziness, headaches, respiratory irritation, and forgetfulness. The term off-gassing refers to the release of these volatile organic compounds. Off-gassing presents a great danger for those with sensitive respiratory systems or chemical sensitivities. Due to the fact that you sleep on the memory foam mattress, you expose yourself to off-gassing a lot. This means that you will inevitably start having the unpleasant sensations that we have mentioned earlier.

How to choose a safe memory foam mattress

In order to choose a memory foam mattress that won’t affect your health in any way, you have to check for a few things before you buy a certain model. First of all, check if the foam is made from petroleum or if it’s plant-based. The ones that are plant-based are the safer choice to go with because they emit fewer VOCs. Also, interest yourself on how the memory foam mattress that you want achieves anti-flammability standards. The safest options for reducing chemicals are rayon treated silica and kevlar fabrics. Last but not least, make sure that you don’t acquire a high-density foam because these types contain a greater amount of polymers. Therefore, they are more likely to produce strong odors.

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