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Surprising Health Problems Caused by Household Mold

A too humid environment in a house can definitely encourage the development of mold. For most people, mold is only a problem in the basement, where they don’t spend a lot of time. However, even occasional contact with mold can cause health problems. This problem should now be ignored, especially since it can easily be fixed with one of the many dehumidifiers for basement found on the market. . It is a known fact that the unpleasant mold can cause health problems if it is not removed. If you are not well informed regarding this subject, then you must have a look at the below surprising health problems caused by household mold.

Memory problems

Some studies have shown that people can deal with memory problems if they live in a house with a too humid environment and mold. This is definitely a very unpleasant and dangerous thing which must be avoided.

Vision and eye problems

If you want to know what are the most surprising health problems caused by household mold, then this one of them. You wouldn’t expect to have eye and vision problems because of the mold in your home, but you actually can. It starts with itchiness, redness, and then you will deal with the problems mentioned above. Therefore, you should get a dehumidifier which will extract the extra humidity in your house, leaving the air clean and healthy. If you have humidity in the basement as well as in the rest of the house, you will need two type of dehumidifiers. Firstly, you will need one of the best dehumidifiers for basement, one with anti frost features that can handle the low basement temperature. Secondly, you will need a whole house dehumidifier to deal with the humidity in the rest of your home.

Shortness of breath

This is one of the health problems caused by household mold. Adults can deal with this sort of problem, but the most affected are without a doubt children and elderly people. Furthermore, if you have a member of your family that suffers from allergies or asthma, then his condition will certainly worsen quickly. If you deal with shortness of breath, then your sleep might be affected. You will not rest as well as you used to rest before when the indoor air was clean, and you will wake up very tired. If this problem persists, then your lifestyle will certainly be affected in a negative way.


Believe it or not, black mold can even lead to anxiety. If a person lives in a house full of black mold, and precautions are not taken in the shortest time possible, then that person has lots of chances to become soon an anxious person. This will definitely have a negative impact on her lifestyle. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use any device that will remove the harmful and unpleasant mold.


As mentioned earlier, a person can become anxious if she lives for a long period of time in a house full of mold. Between anxiety and depression is just a small step, and that person can also become depressed. You obviously cannot rest very good at night if the indoor air is not clean and fresh, and the lack of sleep can make a person become confused, anxious, and depressed.

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