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Home Sterilizing Tips for People who Suffer from Immunodeficiency

People suffering from immunodeficiency have a weakened immune system that can’t protect them against diseases caused by infections. This type of condition forces them to be more careful when it comes to sanitation because they must stay away from any germ and bacteria that could make them sick. This implies living in a perfectly sanitized environment which requires a thorough cleaning and sanitation of the items surrounding them. Those suffering from immunodeficiency can use the following home sterilizing tips that will help them stay away from diseases.

Kill germs on the dishes with a dishwasher

People with immunodeficiency should have their own dishes that no one else should use and they should wash them at high temperatures that will kill every bacteria and germ remaining after eating. It’s preferable that they use a dishwasher rather than hand washing because the dishwasher uses high-temperature water that eliminates the majority of the bacteria found on dishes.

Remove the air impurities with an air purifier

Sensitive people can suffer from breathing problems and allergies caused by common home allergens like dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and pet dander traveling through the air. This is why it’s important to clean not only the house but also the air in the house and this can only be done with the help of an air purifier. This device filters the air and absorbs the air impurities that pose a risk to the help of immunodeficiency sufferers. For a complete sterilization, use an air purifier with a UV light feature that kills germs in the air.

Sanitize with a steamer

The clothes steamer can come in handy not only for ironing the clothes but also for sanitizing them and the other fabrics in the house. You can use the best clothing steamer on any type of fabric from linens to curtains to carpets and it will kill the germs with the hot steam that penetrates the fabrics in depth without damaging them. This will ensure a sanitized living environment that will benefit people who suffer from immunodeficiency.

Take care of the commonly used items

Things like the phone, the remote control, door knobs, and handles are touched dozens of times every day and they require special attention when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing. After disinfecting the floors and the fabrics, these are the ones that should be targeted next. It’s best to use a solution based on alcohol that will eliminate germs from the items that are being used by many people in the house. Wipe the keyboards, the phones, the knobs and even the faucets with a sanitizing substance to get rid of germs.

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