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Best Ways to Soothe Back Pains

The back pain has become one of the most common disorders of our days. Sitting in an office chair every day, the lack of exercise and the stress, are only a few factors which produce this disorder. You should know that a chronic back pain can affect your life in many ways. If your back pain must be treated with medications, you should see a doctor for a prescription.However, there are some recommendations about how you can soothe and relieve back pain without using medications.

Self-care methods

It’s recommended to apply water so the heat will calm your pains.If your back is inflamed, you can apply compresses of cold water to the affected area for a few minutes. Cold water also reduces swelling from injuries.Plenty of people are using a foam roller because this kind of activity relieves the soreness. Position the roller on a flat surface and keep the back on the roller with your shoulders and head off the ground. For a few minutes try to roll yourself forward and backward on this instrument.Apply heat on your back, because will relax your muscles and it will relieve tension and spasms. You can apply a hot bottle on your back.

An inversion table and the massage chair

Keep in mind to consult a physician if you want to try an inversion table. If you’re using this kind of table for your back pain start slowly, selecting small levels of inversion. It’s recommended not to use this process if you suffer from heart disease, glaucoma or high blood pressure.The massage chairs tend to use rolling, pressing, rotating and sweeping movements. This equipment has plenty of programs to massage the entire back.

The mattress

Another factor which appears when we are talking about back pain is the mattress. If you are using a wrong mattress, you will experience/suffer from a worse lower back pain. That’s why it is important to buy it personally because a mattress does not match everyone’s preferences. It should provide you comfort and back support. You will need one which can provide you maximum spinal support. This way, you will also maintain your neck and shoulders in a right position, not only the back.

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